Haunted Trail in Mooresville at Scarrigan Farms

Scarrigan Farms


On select October nights the 130 acre farm is transformed into the scariest haunted trail in the region. If you are looking for a new and out of the ordinary way to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing this October, Scarrigan Farms is the place for you.

This is not a trail for kids. If you’re under 12 come back when you’re old enough. They’ll be waiting. If someone hasn’t peed in their pants by the end of the night they know they  haven’t done their job. 

Scarrigan Farms is a walking trail, but we won’t promise that you’ll only be walking. Crawling, sliding, and squeezing tend to have a place in the night. On average it takes 30-45 minutes to make it through. That’s IF you can make it. Despite their best efforts some of our guests can’t take the terror and “chicken out” before the trail is over. Just remember we can smell fear and we love having chicken for dinner.

While just one trail over a 1/2 mile long, the trail has several distinct aspects, each one designed to further warp your already twisted mind!


First is “The Funhouse”. This part of the trail will have you twisting and turning while you try to prepare yourself for what will happen next. We don’t want to tell you what exactly to expect because we love the look of surprise and terror in your eyes, but our blood-thirsty clowns love it more.

In order escape “The Funhouse”, slide down to the depths of Scarrigan Farms using our fully loaded, double-barrel shotgun slide.


Now, if you make it this far, you will reach our “3-D Maze”. After donning the very stylish 3-D glasses, you’ll enter into a world that blends fantasy and reality, but not in a good way… Your eyes will begin to play tricks on you and you won’t know if what you’re seeing is real. Just don’t touch anything, because you never know if that something can touch back…


The way out of Scarrigan Farms beings with your trip on the “Tragic Bus”. Hopefully the bus driver remembers to take his medication. If not, good luck to you.


If you make it off the bus you’ll finally be at the “Corn Maze”. There are the lucky few who find their way quickly, but don’t count on it. Between the maze, and some friends of ours that have been sighted in the corn, and hate people being there, you’ll find it less than difficult.

(Cash only accepted for all ticket payments)

Ticket sales begin nightly at 6:30 PM (first victims enter at dark) and cease at 10:00 PM. Closing time varies based on attendance and we reserve right to close early. Please arrive before 9pm nightly to purchase tickets.

Please enter at the WEST ENTRANCE. For directions, check the Carrigan Farms Website

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